Ice Cream Shop & Popsicles (HANDMADE)

Paco Pops History


Why the name Paco Pops?

"Paco Pops" is a shortened version of Francisco's Popsicles.  


About Paco

Francisco, also known as Paco, grew up in Mexico and worked many years in his aunt's business making fruit and cream based 

popsicles and ice cream from scratch.  

Paco developed a passion for the Ice Cream and Popsicle business and enjoys crafting new popsicles and ice cream flavors.


Menu Concept at Paco Pops

  Paco Pops serves artisanal popsicles and ice cream. 

This means, Paco handcrafts all of its popsicles and ice cream. 

Paco Pops popsicles and ice cream are  made from 

local and exotic fruits. 

During your visit to Paco Pops, you will have a chance to experience and taste many exotic fruits. 

Paco Pops  also serves handcrafted 

Mexican delicatessens. 

These include nachos, corn on the cup, fresh fruit drinks, and many  other creative and mouthwatering snacks…

You Crave It – We Make It.

Stop by and take a trip around the world one taste at a time at 

Paco Pops.