My name is Francisco “Paco” and Paco Pops symbolizes Francisco’s Popsicles.


I grew up in Mexico and was offered an opportunity to work at my aunt’s business making popsicles and ice cream.  This is where I developed a passion for the ice cream and popsicle business.


I always had a dream of opening my own ice cream shop and over the years I experimented in the kitchen and handwrote my own personal popsicle and ice cream recipes.


It was not until I suffered a terrible car accident that led me to realizing my dream.  While recovering from various surgeries caused by the car accident, I faced the reality that I could not return to my job in construction.  I could not meet the demands of the job due to my mobility limitations.


The long months of recovery at home and knowing that I could not return to construction led me to dusting off my recipe book of popsicles and ice cream.  I reignited my dream and with my family’s help I planned, researched, built, and in April 2019 opened Paco Pops.


At Paco Pops you will find over 80 flavors of popsicles and ice cream all made from scratch.  Each popsicle batch is handmade using fresh handpicked and hand cut fruit.  You can literally see the chunks of fruit in the popsicles.  During your visit to Paco Pops, you will have a chance to experience and taste many exotic fruits.


Mexican delicatessens. 

At Paco Pops you can also grab many other items such as nachos, nacho special, corn in a cup, fruit cocktail, strawberries and cream, Paco’s Corn and Chips, Paco’s Loco Chips, banana split, chocolate banana, mangoneada, and milkshakes.


Stop by Paco Pops and take a trip around the world one taste at a time.


Paco working at his aunt’s popsicle and ice cream shop.

February 2019

Paco building out Paco Pops.

April 2019

Paco Pops opens its doors in Porter, TX.


Paco Pops celebrates one year of business.


Paco Pops introduces new logo.